On Making Our CD

We have loved singing together for a long time, but our individual interests in ministry through music probably date back to junior high school. In recent years, friends and family have repeatedly asked us to record a CD and, in God’s providence, 2004 turned out to be the year for us to follow through on those requests.

As we began to seriously consider the idea, an increasing desire to honor God’s mercy in placing us in a family of Christian faith began to take center stage. The final repertoire consists of songs chosen because they were favorites of our grandparents: How Great Thou Art, Finally Home and Testimony; a tribute to our infant niece who died in 2003: Grace Above All; songs based on Scriptures precious to us: Romans 8 and Psalm 139 (You Are God medley); and lyrics that reflect or express our personal walks with the Lord: all the rest.

We originally considered titling the album “Grace Above All” because it points to the grace that motivates, encourages, and sustains our faith. In the end, we settled on “Testimony of Grace” for much the same reason. Each song points to the grace of God and the ways in which that grace has fashioned the fabric of our lives.

After our niece died, Chad Gundersen came alongside Annelise’s parents to help them process their grief in healthy ways. Through them, we were introduced to Chad and he agreed to produce our CD. Chad was the one who introduced us to Hyman and Tim at Harbor House Studios and the final product bears the marks of excellence that each of these men brings to his craft. We are so grateful for their influence and encouragement to make the best recording possible with the time, talent, and resources available to us.

The CD would not have happened without those mentioned in the “Our thanks” section of the website and the CD insert. Our choir director at Park Cities Presbyterian Church, Rob Rucker, greatly influenced our choice of music. Colin, the organist at the church and our friend, gave us the wonderful arrangement for “O God Beyond All Praising.” When it came to choosing accompanists, Jonathan and Jill Smith were our top choices. We knew we had found a unique friendship after the first time we spent an evening singing away the hours around the grand piano in their home.

We are delighted to have the final product in hand now to share with family and friends both old and new. We pray God will use both your visit and our music to encourage you as you walk in the path He has prepared for you and as He writes his testimony of grace into your life. Thank you for visiting our site!



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