Our Thanks…

To our Heavenly Father – “Thank you” seems like a woefully inadequate response for calling us out of darkness into Your marvelous light. We will be eternally grateful to be children of Your covenant and for the gracious gifts from You that enable us to sing Your praises. “Your testimonies have (we) chosen as a heritage forever, for they are the rejoicing of (our) hearts!” (Psalm 119:111) Soli deo gloria!

To our parents – You have raised us to know and love the Lord and we walk forward in faith because of your testimonies. Thank you for all you have invested in our lives over the years, for encouraging us to do this project, and for making it possible.

To Amy – You have been one of our biggest supporters, fans, and critics. Thank you for the pictures and the idea for the You Are God medley.  We love you!

To Julianne, Jamie and the kids – Thank you for being such loyal fans. You inspire us as you set an example of a godly family for the rest of us to emulate. Thanks for introducing us to Chad!

To Jonathan and Jill – It was such a blast working on this project with you all! We can hardly wait for the Broadway album. Thank you for investing in our lives and sharing your friendship and love of music with us.

To Sheila – The violin adds so much to this project! Thank you for your friendship and all you invested in this project, especially in arranging your part for A Life Well Spent.

To Colin – We love your arrangement of O God Beyond All Praising! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for this project.

To Will – Thank you so much for the photo shoots and helping us think through image ideas.

To Gina and Mandy – Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work on the graphic design for this project. We appreciate you and are so grateful for your friendship.

To Chad Gundersen, our fearless producer and ever ready Starbucks courier – You know we couldn’t have done it without you and look forward to doing future projects together.

To Hyman and Tim – Thank you for making our experience at Harbor House so fabulous! We pray the Lord will continue to bless you both and the great work you are doing at “the best kept secret in the Southwest.” We loved working with you guys.

To Rob Holden – Thank you for the voice lessons and encouragement to sing with all our hearts. Your help was much appreciated, especially when we got into the studio.

To Rob Rucker, our favorite choir director, one prepared cat who is always on top of his game and in touch with his inner schwa. We have learned so much from you and appreciate your help (unknowingly!) in choosing much of the repertoire for this album. The penultimate stress and sub glottal attacks are for you!




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