Adam Bell
I discovered a passion for music while in junior high and for vocal performance when I sang Ray Boltz’s “Thank You” at a church dinner theater in O’Fallon, Illinois around 1989-1990.  In the years since then, God has blessed me with many opportunities to sing and develop the voice He gave me and I have learned that when I sing to and for Him is when I feel his pleasure the most.

Lauren and I began singing together regularly in 1996, starting with “All I Ask of You” (from Phantom of the Opera) at our sister, Julianne’s, wedding reception.  That song remains one of our all-time favorites and since then we have continued singing together as often as time and circumstance allow.  (And while we both maintain our closest affinity with sacred/classical arrangements, Broadway remains a close 2nd.) 

Some of my singing highlights over the years include: “The Star-Spangled Banner” (solo) at a rally for President Bush in Lakeland, FL on Oct. 23, 2004, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” (ensemble) at a home schooling conference in Knoxville, TN, “Mary Did You Know” (duet) at Park Cities Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX (Christmas 2004-2008), “Rise Up O Men of God” CD recording (Alert men’s chorus) in 1995 and numerous solo, duet, quartet and ensemble performances for friend’s weddings including a solo of “If You Could See What I See” at the Air Force Academy Chapel in Colorado Springs in 2003.

It was probably 2002 that we first had the idea of cutting a CD together.  At the time and for a year and a half or so time and other obstacles prevented that project from coming together.  Finally, in His timing (and providentially after a full semester of voice lessons for me) God worked out the details and we stepped forward in faith to make the CD.  Words are insufficient to describe the blessing and joy we experienced as God poured out His grace on us through the many friends and our wonderful family’s support and participation that made it both possible and great fun too!  I pray that comes through to all those who hear our music.  God has truly given us a testimony of His grace in our lives and it is our delight to share that with you!



Adam sings at a Fla. election rally
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