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Boundaries are a concept, a principle that threads its way through Scripture. God used boundaries to define the universe, separating time from eternity, then matter from space. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”
By learning to see boundaries as a practical means for
living, God’s children can know His design for their lives and flourish within the limitations He sets. The premise of this book is that the most secure and satisfying place for the believer is within the boundaries God designed from the beginning of time. These limits are His gift to us, a blessing to enjoy rather than a restriction to ignore, scorn or reject.

For the doers out there, please consider this an invitation to rest, not a “how to” list. If, however, you are one who has been content to focus just on the “only” part of what you feel God calling you to do with your life, perhaps you need this reminder that He also wants you to do “all” that He has planned for you. As you journey through these heart thoughts, I pray God will use them to illuminate your boundaries and reassure you of His love. This love is not based on performance but on the unchanging, unsearchable wisdom of His will. “Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness have I drawn thee.” (Jeremiah 31:3, KJV)
I am confident you will find the richest blessing of your life as you relax within the boundaries of His arms.

~ Lauren Bell



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What others have said:

“Thanks so much for allowing me to read The Blessing of Boundaries! A real treat – and wonderfully moving and provocative of meditation and reflection on the Word and on the grace of our God.”
~ Pastor Paul Settle

“It has often been suggested that burnout, disillusionment, and overwhelming fatigue are simply inevitable for the Christian laborer. The Blessing of Boundaries shows that concept to be not only false, but also unnecessary and unscriptural. We are truly blessed by boundaries. This book shows us how to apply and obey the principles that release great blessings into our lives.”

~ Christianna Reed

“Where do I begin? The book is wonderful. It is helpful; it is passionate. It is personal. And, there is so much beauty and poetry in the way you write! Celebrating beauty is a surprising subtext to this book. Of course, who could help but be in love when the Author of love and beauty becomes real? You have also managed to write a very clear manual on how to have a successful ministry. I think if one were to follow all the steps you have laid out, almost anyone could be successful! Indeed, each person would be more useful just in her personal life. Thank you. I have learned so much. The constant weaving of your personal journey with Scripture was so poignant and illuminating.”

~ Liz Barnard


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